FabFitFun Spring 2019 Box

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Hey, lovelies!

Spring has sprung, and with the pretty blooms and sunny skies comes one of my favorite treats – my quarterly box from FabFitFun!

If you haven’t checked out my previous posts on this awesome subscription box, let me fill you in. FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box, meaning that every season, another box filled with goodies arrives on my doorstep. It features all kinds of lifestyle goodies, from accessories, home decor, to makeup, skincare, kitchenware, snacks, and more!

The box contains products worth at least $200, and only costs $49.99 per quarter! Talk about a great deal! It currently ships to the US and Canada, so my international friends can’t take advantage of this amazing subscription service just yet. 🙁

Okay, now that you’re all caught up let’s talk about what came in the Spring 2019 box!

The FabFitFun 2019 Box

This box may be my favorite collection of items in a FabFitFun box yet! I’m obsessed with the high-quality products and accessories included. I’ll talk about my choice items first:

Show Me Your Mumu Robe

The Show Me Your Mumu robe was one of the items in the box that you can pick- you have a choice between three. In this box, it was the choice between an aromatherapy diffuser and a Deux Lux demi backpack. I couldn’t resist this adorable robe though, it’s perfect for getting ready in!

The robe is a high-low cut (the Brie Robe) that’s lightweight, but not sheer. The print is a fresh, flirty pink floral print called “Garden of Blooms.”

Quay Sunglasses

Another choice item has four items – two Quay sunglasses (one aviator, one cat-eye), a cute little picnic set for two or a brightening sleep mask. I chose the Quay Australia My Girl glasses in black. The cat-eye shape is my favorite shape to wear, and the glasses are good quality.

Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion in Mandarin Orange & Bergamot

The third choice was between this yummy-smelling body lotion, a set of rose gold measuring spoons or a mystery item. I love mandarin orange, so I sprang for this juicy-smelling body lotion that is one of my new favorite Spring scents. The scent is strong, but yummy!

TULA Purifying Face Cleanser

This probiotic face cleanser is an all-in-one cleanser that removes makeup and cleans your face really well. It’s foaming, which is lightweight and easy on my skin. That’s in part because of the priobiotic components, which contain fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and fruit extracts. It also doesn’t contain any phthalates or parabens, which means it’s not harsh at all!

The signature probiotic technology features omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids; rice proteins; vitamins A, C, and E; and fruit extracts. It also contains a complex that includes yogurt extract, green tea extract, and blueberry extract. This formula helps improve the appearance of dull-looking skin, deep cleanses pores, nourishes skin, and helps establish a fresh complexion. Does not contain mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates, or parabens.

S’ip By S’well

Annual subscribers are able to pick between three items, but if you’re not an annual subscriber, FabFitFun will choose for you. S’ip by S’well is similar to the original S’well line but has an interesting shape and tons of playful prints! Mine is a pretty hot pink color- it matches my robe perfectly! It holds 15oz of hot or cold liquids, and keeps them at their temperatures for hours!

Manna Kadar Champagne Charcoal Scrub

I love charcoal scrubs, but sometimes have trouble finding one that isn’t way too harsh on my skin. I was really pleasantly surprised by this one- it’s definitely a scrub, but a little more silky than other ones I’ve tried. It also has a nice light, sweet scent (I hate that heavy, sharp smell of charcoal products).

OUAI Leave In Conditioner

One of the things that I have always loved about OUAI products is the scent. When you apply it to your hair, it smells like you’ve spritzed perfume on your head and it lasts a long time. Some people don’t like this and think it might be too strong, but I really like it – I like to smell good!

dr. brandt skincare needles NO MORE BAGGAGE eye de-puffing gel

The first thing you need to know about this eye de-puffing gel is that it is bright orange. This is actually to help color correct the deep blue shadows of under eye circles. It immediately tightens your skin, and I feel like it’s really effective!

Final Thoughts

I’m obsessed with this Spring box! I believe they are still available for individual purchase from FabFitFun, or if you want to take the plunge like I did and subscribe, you’ll open your door to a box full of over $200 worth of goodies four times a year!

If you can’t wait to try the service, use my code WELCOME10 to get $10 off your first box! You can sign up for the subscription here.

Make sure to follow FabFitFun on their social channels at @fabfitfun to see sneak peeks and information about each box before it launches.




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My Secret Skincare Heaven- AYA Medical Spa

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Hey lovelies,

I hope this warm weather is treating you well! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about skincare and upkeep recently, and I wanted to take the opportunity to share my own super secret (okay, not really) skincare heaven right here on Earth!

AYA Medical Spa here in Atlanta is a lifesaver to me. I believe you should truly do what you need to to feel confident and happy in your own skin – no judgment here on whatever that is! For me, I’ve struggled with acne scarring from my teens that I had removed with a few treatments at AYA.

I’ve also received chemical peels, dermaplaning, laser hair removal, and BOTOX – which helped immensely with the debilitating migraines I used to get! There’s practically no service you can’t get done here to look and feel your best in your own skin.

The staff is also incredibly friendly and helpful, and the licensed estheticians on-staff are so knowledgeable and honest when instructing you on regimens, treatments and courses of action. I always look and feel like a million bucks when I walk out of AYA and know that my skin concerns are being taken seriously.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, I encourage you to try them out. You can even use my regular discount – OLYASHA20 for 20% off your first treatment.

You can see a full list of services here. If you have any questions about my experience at the spa and various treatments, leave them in the comments below!




Handbag Trends I’m Obsessing Over

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Hey lovelies!

One of my favorite parts of spring is updating my wardrobe for the coming season. I love reading up on the latest trends, and there are a ton of new and interesting trends in crossbodies, purses and handbags that I’m OBSESSED WITH.

Here are my top faves, plus 14 picks from around the web that I’m seriously lusting after.

Top Handle Bags

Top handle bags are all the rage. While some crossbodies and over the shoulder satchels are out this season, major focus is on top handle bags that are meant to steal the show.

Bucket Bags

Although some bucket bags can be slung over the shoulder or even worn as backpacks, they were seamlessly with a top handle. Some of my favorite choices from this season are round statement bags that lets face it- can fit A LOT of stuff.


Snakeskin, crocodile skin, studs, and even macrame beads. I can’t stop looking at or touching some of the brand new bags out this season with noticeable texture and feel.

1. Glory Moon Crocodile Grab Bag 2. Cult Gaia Olivia Bucket Bag 3. Saint Laurent Teddy Studded Leather Bucket Bag 4. MARC JACOBS Snapshot Leather Crossbody Bag 5. Gucci Supermini GG Marmont 2.0 6. STAUD Moreau Beaded Caged Bucket Bag 7. Brahmin Daphne Croc Embossed Leather Hobo 8. Twist Snake Cross Body Bag 9. Emperia Cutout Round Body Bucket Bag 10. Gloria Bamboo Handle Tote Bag 11. Miesha Ball Handle Grab Bag 12. Sondra Roberts Braided Handle Faux Leather Hobo 13. Jimmy Choo Stevie Lambskin Leather & Suede Hobo 14. STAUD Alice Croc Embossed Leather Bucket Bag


Why I Love Venus et Fleur

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Hey lovelies!

You may remember when I posted last year about my Venus et Fleur roses. I raved about these beauties, and the tons of options you can get when ordering.

If you missed that post, here’s an update. My roses are still beautiful and even thriving! I have always disliked getting flowers as gifts until now- it just depresses me that they die so quickly! However, I LOVE getting an arrangement of these beauties. I can keep them around for an entire year to remind me of happy memories.

Venus ET Fleur is famous for their Eternity Rose arrangements, which are beautiful floral designs made of lush roses from Ecuador. These beauties last up to a year!

Isn’t the packaging just gorgeous? My roses have sat on my living room table for the better part of the year, making an eye-catching, low-maintenance centerpiece that everyone asks about!

To snag your own Venus ET Fleur arrangements, check out their site here!


Style Obsession: Bicycle Shorts

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Hi lovelies!

Today I want to talk about a fashion trend that is sweeping 2019 an truly fascinating me: bicycle shorts.

Bicycle shorts are a fashion anomaly to me. Cut halfway between mini shorts an bermudas, fashion used to find this length awkward and mom-ish. Now, however, with the advent of cycling as exercise, bicycle shorts have gone from functional to pure fashion.

And honestly, I’m living for it.

Here are some of my favorite samples of high-waisted bicycle shorts, that elongate the hips and thighs and nip in the waist. From faux leather to leopard print to my personal favorite- snakeskin- these are the hottest bicycle short trends of the year. Click on any of the images below to be taken to the site to shop!

Happy shopping,



Best Dressed: Wedding Guest Dress Inspo

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Hi lovelies!

One of the most difficult fashion decisions we face is what exactly to wear to a wedding, am I right?

This is because half of the fashion “rules” have to do with wedding etiquette. For example, you shouldn’t outshine the bride, you can’t wear white, you shouldn’t wear black since it’s too morbid, your dress shouldn’t be too short or bare too much skin… etc. etc. The list goes on.

The other half is trying to decipher exactly what casual, semi-formal or formal means! However, you can get some valuable clues from the couples website for wedding style and theme, as well as discovering exactly what type of wedding venue they are getting married at. For example, a long evening gown is more at home in a ballroom than a barn!

If you’re stumped on what to wear for Spring wedding season, take a look at my favorite picks for the season. These dresses span from casual, mid-length and even floor-skimming evening gowns. Take a look below, and click on the picture to be taken to the website!

Happy dress hunting!