3 Tips to Help You Avoid Social Media Burnout

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Hello lovelies!

One of my big focuses this year is being more present and mindful. As I’ve looked into ways to be more present and enjoy each moment, a common theme has come up : social media burnout.

Social media and online presence play a huge role in most of our lives, and sometimes, we get so wrapped up in it that we begin to lose ourselves in a curated version of life. As a fashion influencer, I’ve felt this pretty heavily in previous years.

This year, I’m working to change that, and I hope you do too!

I’ll be completely truthful with you: I’ve sometimes struggled with anxiety and depression as a surprising amount of bloggers do! We’re always glued to our phones, responding to comments, keeping an eye on stats and working to grow our base and create useful content for our followers. This means we spend less time with our families – and even when we’re with family, we’re not fully engaged.

Here are some of the things I’m implementing in 2019 to live more mindfully and avoid social media burnout. I challenge you to try one or even all of these to begin to rebalance your life if you’ve felt a little too sucked into the “Instaworthy Life!”

  1. Structure Your Social Media Time– These days, I carefully plan when I’m going to put a post up, and a few times a day where I give myself space to check comments, reply and interact with you, my amazing followers! Once the times up, I log out and refocus on whatever I’m doing with my day. This feels so freeing after months of constantly checking every few minutes for any new activity!
  2. Be Ruthless About Who You’re Following– Instagram is noisy. There is so much content every second, and it can really confuse you! Seeing curated content gives you all this envy, wistfulness, inspires creativity, jealousy, and a dozen other strong emotions and sensations in a blink of an eye. I’ve carefully cut back on who I’m following and what I see in my feed. This helps clarify my interests and cuts out “noise” in a barrage of content!
  3. Make Sure You’re Being Authentically You– I’ve had to remind myself a few times over the past year of what my core mission and interest is- and that is, of course, fashion, makeup, and style. I never want to lose my core mission in a sea of social media possibility. Therefore, I always keep my core interest and what I believe I bring to the table that is of value to my followers instead of trying to be all things to all people.

Have you felt social media burnout, and how do you combat it? Let me know in the comments below!