New Luggage, Who Dis?

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Hey lovelies!

My followers have probably figured out by now that I’m absolutely obsessed with luggage. I travel a lot. I’m always on the lookout for new luggage that satisfies my key requirements:

It has to look chic and sleek– I’m not a fan of loud patterns and too much details on my luggage. In my opinion, this makes luggage stand out which isn’t a good thing if you’re worried about luggage being misplaced or stolen!

It has to be easy to maneuver– I hate wheeling through the busy crowds of Atlanta Airport and clumsily trying to navigate a clunky suitcase that doesn’t pivot. Ugh, it’s the worst. Any luggage that I have needs to have the capability to turn on a dime, and be pulled vertically or lengthwise!

It has to be durable– I avoid soft-shelled luggage when I can. When I travel with jewelry, tons of makeup and designer pieces, I definitely don’t want them squished or caved in by rough handling during my flights. Hard-shelled cases are a must.

Okay, a lot of requirements, I know. BUT! I’ve found a new set that meets all of these requirements and more! Drumroll, please…

DELSEY USA has a brand new collection, the Turenne! It’s the lightest version of their hardside luggage yet, which makes it so easy to maneuver. Plus all four wheels are double-spinner which makes it easy to turn on a dime.

Some other awesome features:

  • TSA-accepted combination lock
  • Lined interior
  • Two compartments with zippers
  • Packing bags for shoes and laundry
  • ZIP SECURITECH zipper (41 times stronger than a regular zipper!)

If you’re looking for a luggage upgrade, check out the Turenne here! You can also score 25% off with my code notbasicblonde25.

Happy shopping!

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