How To Score Brand Collabs

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Feeling Red Hot in the Scarlet Crochet Dress from VICI

Hey, lovelies!


I’m a pretty transparent gal, and I love to see my friends and followers get ahead in life. Pursuing your passions has been my mantra since day one! With that in mind, I decided to spill one of my biggest secrets of all on how I landed several amazing collaboration deals with clothing brands and more. This investment helped me open new doors to continue pursuing my passion for fashion, and I have to tell you about it!


The secret is Pitch It Perfect by Julie Solomon.



Just to clear it up, I am in no way being paid to advertise for Julie or rep her products. I have to tell you about it because I was a little skeptical at first, especially with the price tag. However, Julie teaches this weeklong course and at the end,  you have all the tools you need to pitch yourself, make press kits, and go out there confidently to land deals. I earned 6 collaborations nearly instantly after this course, just by using her no-nonsense methods.


You really have to invest, mind you. It definitely isn’t playing around, but it is so worth it. If you have a passion and love telling your followers about it and want to monetize it…this course is an absolute must-have. Not only will you land successful deals, but it’ll help you fine-tune your brand, increase engagement AND followers.

Check out the webinar here and see if the course is right for you!



What are your favorite tricks for landing collabs? Comment below.

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