My Favorite Time of Year

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It’s my favorite time of year again — and I don’t just mean summer! I wanted to drop the word to all my followers who weren’t already aware, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is right around the corner. The public gets access to awesome discounts from July 20 through August 5th.

Of course, that’s not all! Nordstrom cardholders get access to the event a full week early, starting tomorrow, July 12th, 2018. If you’re a cardholder like I am, you’ll get a head start on those great deals. Keep an eye out for my top picks from the sale this week, and score my must-haves!


The Way I Achieve My Dreams

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Dress: Misty Paige  Heels: Guiseppe Zanotti  Purse: Yves Saint Laurent  Purse Charm: Fendi

For a post all about achieving your goals and making your dreams come true, I felt like a sunny, confident yellow outfit would be just the way to express myself! High energy, confidence and happiness are key to bringing everything your heart desires into your life, just the way Misty Paige brought this buttery body-con spaghetti strap into my closet!


I paired my dress with ultra-fierce Guiseppe Zanotti flame gladiator sandals and a YSL purse with a playful pink fur Fendi Charm. It was a fun, spring look just in time to celebrate the warmer weather!


Shop the look below and find out how my steps to achieving your goals below!


The Way I Achieve My Dreams

I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and the idea that if you visualize something you want and picture it thoroughly, that is what you attract. The same thing works for negative energy and negative outcomes, so I believe you need to be extremely aware of your thought process!


This is my personal strategy for achieving goals and dreams.


Map It Out

Some people choose to use visual boards or mood boards to map out what their goal or dream looks like. Myself, I spend time picturing every detail in my head with the pros that I want and the cons I am willing to accept. It’s important to give yourself time to be thorough.


Figure Out How it All Fits Together

Once you have pictured your dream or goal in detail, then spend time imagining how you will feel when you have it, and what will change in your life when your dream finally does come true.

Get To Work

Now it’s time to think about strategy and what you have to do to get there. Think of all possible methods, resources and work required. You don’t just get a dream or opportunity floating your way with no work! If you want to be a Hollywood star, you have to go to acting school and figure out who and how you need to network!


Prepare for the Payoff

You absolutely have to prepare yourself for success and know for certain that you will definitely get it. If you’re not ready for it, not really and haven’t made the necessary sacrifices that you need, it’s possible that everything will become derailed when your payoff finally does arrive.


Be Okay with Flexible Timing

If you keep working hard and wanting something bad enough and moving your life in that direction, you will totally get it. Don’t stress, and stay positive and be flexible. Sometimes we want something instantly and the law of attraction has different ideas. Trust in the process and know that it’s coming your way!

** Please note that the content in this post is mine and mine alone, and recreation, plagiarism or copying will not be tolerated on any platform, be it a blog, Twitter, Facebook, your Instagram post or any other social media site. Copying is not cute! XOXO**


My Go-To Ways to Deal With Stress

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Dress: Bebe   Sandals: Chanel  Purse: Dior


I am head over Chanel heels in love with this springy powder-blue dress from Bebe. Lighter shades of blue are my go-to for a more toned-down, elegant look because it really makes my eyes (and a hint of a sun-kissed glow) pop while keeping the mood casual, pretty and appropriate for day-time. Snag all the outfit pieces below!



My Go-To Ways to Deal With Stress

Do we talk about ways to deal with stress enough? I don’t think so. We live in such a fast-paced world, always going, needing to be doing something, looking our best, working hard, making time for a social life… it’s stressful! I believe strongly in relaxation and self-care, as it’s the absolute best way to get a handle on things, take a deep breath and recharge. Here are my go-to ways to deal with stress when I’ve hit my limit.


Exercise, exercise, exercise! 


Exercise is not the answer many want to hear, but it is one of the best ways to decompress, feel the rush of endorphins and lift your mood by dispelling tension. Exercise doesn’t have to mean long runs or heavy lifting in the gym, either! My favorite ways to work out and take care of my body are by regularly getting in an hour-long, high intensity workout at Orange Theory Fitness (check them out at @orangetheory on social or or by decompressing while heating it up in a hot yoga class.


Get Some Rest


When I don’t get enough sleep, my whole day goes south. I always make a point to sleep in — a lot!– on the weekends. I’ll be honest, sometimes I’ll even catch up on all my zzz’s for a full day! Try it sometime, especially if your week is absolutely jam-packed.


Check Out for a While


Give yourself time to check out of your high stress situation and sneak away for a bit. Vacation is a great time to do this, but it’s not always possible. A small shopping trip or maybe even taking myself to a movie works wonders to make me feel so much better.


Go Outside


Fresh air has such a calming effect. Make a point to take yourself outdoors. Even if you’re not a jogger or an avid hiker, still make a point to eat a luxurious meal somewhere on a patio with a nice view. The sunshine and breeze will help to lift your mood, I promise.


Talk it Out


Talking my stress out with friends or to trusted love ones helps me immensely. Sometimes, your problem is too tough to solve on your own, but when you hear yourself talking about that problem and get valuable feedback, the solution sometimes reveals itself in a way you didn’t see – or hear- before!


That’s how I tackle my various stresses. How about you guys? Comment below with your best stress relief method!



The Inside Scoop on My Favorite Sales This Week

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As a lover of all things fashion, I make sure I’ve got my finger on the pulse of what’s going on with my favorite brands and their sales. This week, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite sales to share with you. Follow the links below, and happy shopping!

Henri Bendel  is offering an exclusive free tote with any purchase $150 or more! The offer is valid through 3/13.

Minted, my favorite invitation maker, is offering an additional 15% off using code SPRING18. Expires 3/12!

 Saturdays NYC  is spring cleaning! They’re offering 60% off Fall items through 3/22!

 J.Crew  is offering 30% off now through 3/10!


Why Christian Louboutin Pumps are a Good Investment

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Purse: Fendi  Jeans: 7 for All Mankind  Ring: Cartier  Pumps: Christian Louboutin

Although the price tag on Christian Louboutins makes most women balk, they truly are a wonderful investment. These exquisitely crafted French pumps are a timeless staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe. Made of 100% Italian patent leather, the signature red-bottomed sole has become recognized across the media from popular songs to TV shoes to a flash of ruby on the red carpet. This style also travels with ease from a day look to a night look, which is a major plus.

With care, these pumps will last you a long time as well! I recommend purchasing them in nude and black as I have done, because these two colors are so flexible with any outfit. When purchasing them, be mindful of the fact that the sizing can be really different than your typical size. This is in part because the classic style has a shorter toe box, so be sure to consult the sizing chart before you order, or try them on in store. A lot of women find that they have to go up an entire size for the best fit.

Shop the post below, and don’t be afraid to get your own red-bottomed shoes!