Out With the Old Baggage, In with the New!

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Hey, lovelies!


It’s been a while! I’ve been making good on my new year’s resolution to travel more, to clear my mind and set my intentions for 2019.

Speaking of sets…

I have a new set from DELSEY USA for traveling this year! While I adore the gorg blue set I was rocking late last year, this new set is sleek, elegant and next-level….which is perfect for 2019.

My new set is from the Aero line. The Aero cases are light-weight, safe and durable. Plus, they have special soft-touch carry handles which are easy on my hands even when I stuffed these cases to the brim with outfits and makeup supplies!

Other features that make these cases my go-to to travel with:

  • These are so easy to maneuver with even in cramped spaces. They have double spinner wheels that can turn on a dime!
  • TSA-approved lock to secure all my belongings- only agents can get in there!
  • Tie-down straps and pockets to help keep everything from jumbling around during flight



If you’re looking for the exact cases you see here, they are the Aero 21″ Spinner and the Aero 25″ Expandable Rolling Luggage!


Best of all, I have a code that allows you to snag 25% off! Just enter notbasicblonde25 at checkout.


Tell me where you’re traveling to this year in the comments!


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Fighting Fall Fatigue

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Hello, lovelies!


A chill is in the air, and autumn storms are rolling in. As the leaves start falling this season, you may notice your energy levels dropping too! Fall fatigue is not uncommon, but I’m sharing some of my tried-and-true ways to fight that lazy, tired-all-the-time feeling we get as the year winds down.


Here are my fatigue-fighting tips!


Break a Sweat

One of the best ways to fight that tired feeling is to exercise! If you’re badly in need of a refresher, sign up for a new class you’ve never tried before. If you just can’t find the time in your schedule to go to the gym or take a fitness class, put on your favorite sneakers and go for a walk or jog in the park. Once you begin working up a sweat and get your circulation working, you’ll lose that fatigue quickly.

Drink Plenty of Water

As temperatures cool down, we often forget to hydrate as we should. Dehydration zaps energy and leaves us feeling sluggish, so it’s especially important to drink our eight ounces of water, eight times a day. If you drink enough water every day, you’ll be amazed by the health benefits. The least of these is a new rush of energy to carry you through the day!

Tuck in Early and Ditch the Phone

We’re all guilty of scrolling through Facebook and Instagram in bed while we’re waiting to feel tired. However, staring at your phone can make falling asleep even harder, and you’ll wind up losing hours of potential sleep. Make a point to put your phone on the charger and pick up a book instead. Putting bedtime routines in place to wind down, relax and get to sleep earlier will increase your energy during the day.

Is Something Fishy? Just Your Vitamins!

If you’re not a fan of seafood, it’s time to learn to love our fishy friends. Fish oil is filled with nutrients that help our brain stay alert and lessen reaction times. When you add plenty of Omega-3s to your diet, you’ll notice you feel much less fatigued throughout the day.

Can’t stand fish? That’s okay, most drugstores and major retailers stock fish oil supplements in the vitamin and medicines aisle.

Eat Often

Now before you go overboard, understand that it’s better for your blood sugar levels to eat six smaller meals throughout the day than three large ones. By consistently grazing on small meals throughout the day, you’ll keep your body and mind alert and level. Have you ever noticed you suddenly need a nap after a big, carb-heavy meal? You won’t have to worry about that when breaking your meals into smaller portions throughout the day.

What are your favorite ways to fight fall fatigue? Tell me in the comments below!


My Favorite Places in Atlanta

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Hello, lovelies!


As most of you know, I’m based out of Atlanta, Georgia. If you’ve ever visited or live in the area too, you know that Atlanta is a bustling city with a ton of things to do. I figured today I’d share with my readers my favorite spots in Atlanta to spend the day. Of course, that’ll entail two of my most favorite activities- shopping and trying unique restaurants!

My Favorite Shopping Spots

Lennox Square Mall– Lennox is an area staple in Atlanta that features a regular mix of mid-level brands to high-level. I like to go here on occasion for the regular, casual mall experience.

Phipps Plaza- Phipps Plaza is sometimes affectionately referred to as the “Rodeo Drive of Atlanta”. You’ll find all the luxury and high-end boutiques you could ask for here, from Versace and Guiseppe and everywhere in between.

The Shops at Buckhead– If you’ve ever been to the shops at Buckhead, you may recognize the background of some of my photos. This is the spot I do most of my photoshoots for the blog and new outfits at, plus it’s got some of my favorite lunch destinations around!

Speaking of photoshoots, what do you think of my VICI dress? It’s the Wilshire Cotton Ruffle Wrap Dress made of chambray. I’m loving it for summer, it’s the ultimate light summer dress with flirty detailing. You can find it here!

Wilshire Cotton Ruffle Wrap Dress


My Must-Try Lunch Destinations

American Cut– The draw of this modern steakhouse is definitely the rooftop bar. I recommend the salmon and steak, and the views from the top!

Southern Gentleman– The Southern Gentleman brands itself as New-American meets Southern fare. The menu is seasonal and thoughtful. I love to order pretty much any seafood dish on the menu, as well as their deviled eggs. Must have cocktail is definitely the Moscow Mule.

Gypsy Kitchen– Gypsy Kitchen is a totally modern restaurant. They have a predominantly Spanish menu, with Indian and Moroccan influences that make for a rich selection. When I head to Gypsy Kitchen, I’ll often order the octopus, potato bravas, the shrimp, mushrooms, chicken croquettes or the charcuterie board. It seems like everything on the menu is absolutely delicious.

Taverna Atlanta– This restaurant is a Northern Italian themed restaurant. It’s a great place to grab wine on the patio and try one of their rich risottos.


How To Score Brand Collabs

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Feeling Red Hot in the Scarlet Crochet Dress from VICI

Hey, lovelies!


I’m a pretty transparent gal, and I love to see my friends and followers get ahead in life. Pursuing your passions has been my mantra since day one! With that in mind, I decided to spill one of my biggest secrets of all on how I landed several amazing collaboration deals with clothing brands and more. This investment helped me open new doors to continue pursuing my passion for fashion, and I have to tell you about it!


The secret is Pitch It Perfect by Julie Solomon.



Just to clear it up, I am in no way being paid to advertise for Julie or rep her products. I have to tell you about it because I was a little skeptical at first, especially with the price tag. However, Julie teaches this weeklong course and at the end,  you have all the tools you need to pitch yourself, make press kits, and go out there confidently to land deals. I earned 6 collaborations nearly instantly after this course, just by using her no-nonsense methods.


You really have to invest, mind you. It definitely isn’t playing around, but it is so worth it. If you have a passion and love telling your followers about it and want to monetize it…this course is an absolute must-have. Not only will you land successful deals, but it’ll help you fine-tune your brand, increase engagement AND followers.

Check out the webinar here and see if the course is right for you!



What are your favorite tricks for landing collabs? Comment below.


My Secrets to Flawless Skin

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Hello, lovelies! I receive a lot of questions about my skincare routine — not just for my face, but for my whole body. So today, I’m spilling all my skin care secrets and telling you my step-by-step routine, and the products I use! I make sure to take great care of my skin by getting a lot of sleep and drinking tons of water, but I also use high-quality skincare products to keep my skin glowing.

Ready to learn the secrets? Here we go!

1. Suds Up With Your Favorite Shower Gel

You can use any shower gel you like. PHILOSOPHY Amazing Grace Ballet Rose Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel is my favorite, because I adore the scent and you get a lot of product for the price!

2. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

The key to my flawless skin routine is to exfoliate. I use these exfoliating mitts in every shower, and twice a week I use it with my favorite scrub.

You can get them at Target for around $5, and they’re infused with charcoal to help purify the skin! I then use Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub. It’s super moisturizing because of the coconut oil and leaves my skin feeling unbelievably soft.

3. Tone Up With the Cup

I use my Color Changing Cellu-Cup at least twice a week on areas where cellulite shows up. Using the pinch and roll technique, you can use the cup with your shower gel in the shower to improve blood flow to the area and temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. No joke, this thing is a life saver. If you don’t have one and struggle with cellulite, this is a must-have in shorts weather!

4. Moisturizing is Key

The last step is to use a really good moisturizer from head to toe. I use Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. Besides being ultra moisturizing, the cream has guarana in it which contains some of the most potent caffeine you can find. It helps firm up the appearance of skin and is a must-have for tighter, toned skin.


Bonus Step: Get Bronzed and Glowy

This step is only a must-have if you want a summery glow. These are the products I use to achieve a sleek, golden tan with a subtle shimmer. First, apply the Better Bod Bronze with the included Contour Mitt, and then top it off with some sexy glow oil from Sol de Janeiro in iPanema Sunset!


There you have it! My secret for toned, flawless and tanned skin. What are your favorite body skincare products? Let me know in the comments below!


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- How to Shop It Like a Pro

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A few days ago, I prepped you for one of my favorite sales of the year! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is about to be on, and I’ll be picking some major favorites to score. I can’t wait! However, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the anniversary sale and how I’ll be using my to feature some of my favorite pieces. Here’s what you need to know!


What Makes the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Different From Other Sales?


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is different from others in a major way. Instead of discounting last seasons merchandise, Nordstrom offers major discounts on brand-new inventory for the fall and winter season. You can score amazing deals on this upcoming seasons fashion. Plus, major brands that don’t usually offer any discounts do for this sale.


What’s the Best Strategy to Shop the Sale?

There are some great ways to get the best deals possible online. Here are my tried-and-true tips:

  • Apply for a Nordstrom Credit Card. You’ll get early access to the sale with other cardholders. Like, a full week ahead.
  • Set a spending amount in advance. Once the sale opens, you need to shop quickly and precisely. Until you check out, the items in your cart can be bought out from under you!
  • Don’t delay- See above. Now is not the time to ponder whether you really need that pair of jeans. Think about what you want to fill your fall and winter wardrobe with prior to shopping, and check out as quickly as possible so you don’t miss out on major deals!


When Is the Sale?

The sale officially opened on July 11, 2018, for cardholders that were Level 4. Here are the relevant dates:



  • July 12- 19th- Early access sale for Nordstrom cardholders.
  • July 20th- August 5th– The sale opens to the public, and continues until August 5th when everything returns to full price.



All throughout the sale, I’ll be featuring some of my favorite scores and pieces on my app so you can easily shop my looks.

Happy shopping!