About Me

Welcome to Not Basic Blonde!

My name is Olyasha, and I’m a Russian model turned career woman with a degree in Project Management! I may be blonde, but I’m definitely not basic!

Though I and my family are Russian, I was born in Ukraine. From the very start, I was destined to be obsessed with fashion and personal style. My mother, who I credit as my inspiration, is a major fashionista! And as soon as I was born, she began dressing me in trendy, fashionable outfits. Between you and me, I sometimes got in trouble for being too fashionable in school! During my graduation, my principal asked after her speech to the whole school, “What will we do without our fashion idol, Olyasha?!”

I graduated from a modeling academy at 14 and started a successful career! I’ve done swimwear, runway, print, commercials and even some acting in Europe before relocating to the United States at 17. I continued modeling while pursuing my degree at Georgia State and beyond. When I’m not writing my blog or managing a project in IT, you can often find me on in a print editorial or runway show!

I like to think that my style is accessible to everyone! I love mixing designer staples like shoes and purses with more inexpensive clothing. I aim to inspire everyone who joins me on my fashion journey to feel extraordinary, confident and fun!