5 Jaw-Dropping Fashion Trends in 2019

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Hello, lovelies!

Fashion trend forecasting is practically an art form, and I’m obsessed. I dedicate a lot of my free time to poring over fashion edits, Instagram roundups, features and glimpses of fashion week shows to see what the greats are doing in fashion for the year ahead.

Because I’ve researched, and researched, and researched… (as I flip through another magazine while getting a pedi!) I can tell you that 2019 has some wild trends and I am in love.

In fact, we may as well just call 2019 the year of the Not Basic Blonde because some of these must-copy trends are some of the patterns, cuts and styles I love to wear.

Ready to see what 2019 has in store?

Neon Everything

Similar Dress

I used to cringe when I heard the word neon. It evoked memories of highlighters and bad 80’s fashion! However, I’ve since come around. Vivid colors in yellow, neon greens, blues, pinks and oranges make for fun fashion – especially in the sun!

If you’re a fan of a good sun-kissed tan, try mixing a few neon shades into your wardrobe along with your favorite winter bronzer or spray tan (I don’t judge)! The resulting glow will have you feeling fun, festive and ready for bold colors and neon everything.

Polka Dots, Big and Small!

Fashion truly comes back around. When you think of polka dots, big swing skirts and retro fashion comes to mind. What also comes to mind is fashionistas warning women not to wear too many polka dot prints, as they might make you look wide.

I’m happy to see polka dots coming back in a fresh, re-imagined way – especially this daring, print-mixing polka dot belted jumpsuit. The patterns mix artfully in color scheme, and the only difference is the scale of polka dots. The jumpsuit legs make the look long and lean, with a belted waist for curve-defining emphasis. So chic!

Wild Zebra Print

Mock Neck Zebra Print Dress from SHEIN

Last year, I was all about leopard print. While leopard spots will never go out of style, I’ve moved on to bold, contrasting zebra prints. It’s hard not to catch eyes walking around with rich swirls of black and white detail. If you’re an animal print lover, zebra is a fun way to lighten up your wardrobe from traditional prints, while still keeping a chic, modern edge.


SSSSS! Snakeskin is a luxe print, and I wear it liberally on boots, clutches, purses and more. However, snakeskin has been making its way into athleisure wear, and really it makes sense! Tight-fitting spandex shorts and tops fit like a second skin…get it?

Biker Shorts

Faux Leather Biker Shorts

Speaking of athleisure wear, biker shorts have become a huge trend. I’ve seen biker shorts styled every which way. From crop tops and short blouses, high heeled boots and even paired with long cardigans, these shorts are everywhere. I love adding even more fashionable flair with faux leather and wet-look biker shorts. Slimming and chic!

What’s your must-try trend this year? Let me know on social @notbasicblonde_ or comment below!

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