My New Years Resolutions for 2018

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Hey, lovelies!


Whew! It feels like 2018 just zipped by. I blinked and it was Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and now New Years! New Years is one of my favorite times of the year. It feels like a cleansing time, a time for new beginnings. Out with the old, in with the new! I take new years resolutions very seriously- I try to make each goal and resolution specific, measurable and actionable. Here is what is on my mind for 2019!

1. Get Rid of Everything That Doesn’t Serve You Anymore

I constantly donate everything I don’t use constantly or wear often. Clothes, furniture, jewelry, etc. I only like to have things that I need and use in my house. Minimalism is my favorite word!

2. Travel More!

I would like to make more time for travel in 2019. I’ve been traveling fairly often to the Caribbean and beachside resorts, but I haven’t been to Europe recently! I have to take a long vacation for this and time hasn’t presented itself. In the new year, I’d specifically like to visit my grandmother in Ukraine. I haven’t been in 6 years because of a war in the part she lives in. It wasn’t safe previously, but I feel I can make this trip in 2019.

3. Be Happy in a Present Moment

Sometimes when things aren’t perfect we have a tendency to just wait for happiness to suddenly strike us. It’s a self-defeating prophecy, and I’d like to focus on being happier in the present moment, no matter what it looks like.

4. Forgive Someone Who Hurt You

This is a big one for me. I never hold grudges. I’m pretty easy going and try to be nice at all times. I’d like to continue this pattern into the new year, and hope the same for all of you! Rid yourself of baggage like grudges! When people hurt me, I forgive. This doesn’t mean I keep them in my life, however! It’s okay to forgive and walk away. It feels so much better than the weight of anger, pettiness, and sadness that comes with keeping a grudge alive.

5. Use Your Talents for a Good Cause

If you have special talents that can benefit society, use them! I donate a ton of things (like I mentioned in number one) and if there’s an opportunity to help manage a project, I’m on board! Consider how the things you’re passionate about can benefit society. If you love animals, volunteer in a shelter. Love to cut hair, volunteer time to help at a homeless shelter. Infusing the world with your unique talents coupled with kindness is a feel-good recipe that will bless your new year!

6. Take Care of Your Health

Stress is a killer, literally. I became aware that I was more stressed out in this past year than any I remember previously. In 2019, I’m making a point to exercise more and actively battle stress. I know this is easier said than done, but nothing is worth your health!

7. Restructure Housing

We’re really hoping to sell the house and upgrade to a home that suits us a bit better. In 2019, I’d like to change my housing situation. One of the reasons I’m excited to do this, is I have plans to make a dream closet that I can eventually share with you all!

8. Bring to Life Projects

2019 is the year of bringing things to fruition! I’ve been working on a lot of secret little projects, and in 2019 you’ll finally be able to see some of the hard work I’ve been doing behind the scenes.

Share your New Years Resolutions in the comments below! Happy New Year!





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